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Amos Professional

Making the hairstyling into a masterpiece with professional precision hair styling products

As a master stylist, you need the tools to deliver a masterpiece time after time. Originally and primarily designed as a professional haircare line for professionals and salons, Amos Professional offers the most cutting edge products to inspire master hair artists to create the latest looks. At the Amorepacific R&D Center, we’ve developed the highest quality products for professionals. Our scientifically precise haircare products streamline the process so you can focus on the emotional and visual process of hair styling. We use our technology to get results so you can delight your customers with your creative eye and personal touch. Amos Professional provides the best professional salon coloring, perm, scalp care and styling available such as the Colorgenic True Sync S, Feel the Green Tea Shampoo, Repair Force Chito Treatment CMC, and Curling Essence 2X. As the number one salon hair care brand in Korea, Amos Professional is quickly gaining fans throughout the world and it also helped create runway hairstyles during the backstage makeup for Hera Seoul Fashion Week.

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