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Meet all signature brands of
Amorepacific in our one-stop,
multi-brand beauty experience space

Aritaum, which holds the meaning of a beautiful space created by beautiful people, is a premium beauty select shop offering an assortment of Amorepacific’s main brands. It offers a special purchasing experience such as optimized beauty solutions for each individual customer, leading the beauty trends in Korea.

Aritaum is dedicated to providing the best beauty solutions to each individual customer as a premium multi-brand shop by offering differentiated services and benefits through its special membership program and developing unique products namely, Aritaum MODI Nail and MONO EYES. The largest Aritaum flagship store in Korea located at Gangnam-daero was opened as a step taken towards a new path as a premium multi-brand shop as well as where first attempts and experiments will take place for the NEXT phase for Aritaum.

In addition to developing specialized products customized to the needs of customers, Aritaum is committed to providing various customer experience programs and brand-specialized services by scientifically analyzing the traffic and movements of customers and their shopping behavior.

by Numbers

1600 +

Product SKU
(as of Jan 2019)

60 +

No. of Brands Offered

1200 +

No. of Offline Stores
(as of Jan 2019)

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