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The Energy of the Flower for You, Mamonde

Mamonde, which comes from the meaning ‘My World’, conveys the value of an intelligent woman who is feminine, soft, yet passionate and pursues her own unique worldview.

Mamonde’s heritage, the flower, creates and grows life from only the soil, the water, the wind and the sun. The flower is not simply a symbol of beauty. It holds nature’s vitality and energy. Mamonde studies nature’s wisdom in the flower, from its roots and stem to its petals, to discover the beauty of woman.

The philosophy of Mamonde starts from the Mamonde Garden, which embraces the natural environment of soil, water, wind and the sun. We study nature’s vitality found in one single flower from the small seed to the flower blossoming through life. This, combined with Mamonde’s unique flower science, brings full vitality to the skin.

Women become the star of the world they lead through Mamonde products that hold the wisdom of nature.

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(as of Jan 2019)

Instagram Timeline

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