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Amorepacific strives to create harmonious coexistence between people, business, and the natural environment, and to nourish these efforts together as we expand globally.


Amorepacific Group’s 2020 sustainability vision is our promise to our customers and society. It is our firm commitment and great ambition to actively contribute to a more beautiful and sustainable future for future generations.

Through the 2020 Sustainability Commitments, Amorepacific Group seeks to help its stakeholders create a ‘sustainable life’ in their everyday lives, achieve ‘inclusive growth’ with economic and social communities, and contribute to the ‘circular economy’ for future generations.

Sustainable Life

Amorepacific Group is pursuing activities aimed at raising awareness of sustainable life, consumer choices supporting sustainability, and social and environmental issues to advance sustainable development.
We desire to assist various stakeholders to embrace and implement sustainable life.

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Inclusive Growth

As a responsible, global corporate citizen, Amorepacific Group aims to advance the development of all stakeholders, particularly our employees, business partners, and local communities, to become a sustainable company which enables inclusive growth.

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Circular Economy

Amorepacific Group will fully integrate circular economic principles into all corporate operational activities and processes, ultimately contributing to environmental conservation for the next generation.
We will improve resource efficiency and accelerate the use of renewable energy sources.

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UN Global Compact

Joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in 2007. As a global corporate citizen, we support and make every effort to fully incorporate the 10 principles of the UNGC regarding human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption.

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Major Awards and Recognition

Dow Jones

Listed in Dow Jones Sustainability Index Korea for 8 Consecutive Years


Listed in FTSE4Good Index for 7 Consecutive Years


Recognized by CDP Korea as a Climate Change Response Carbon Management Sector Winners in the Consumer Staples Industry


2018 Korea's Most Admired Company
All Star company and No. 1 company in Cosmetics Sector


Human Rights Management

Amorepacific Group respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the recommendations of the National Human Rights Commission of the Republic of Korea. Amorepacific Group is dedicated to identifying and managing any potential human rights issues throughout its entire business operation, including its subsidiaries and supply chain.

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